The Upcoming "Smart & Safety Driving" Event

Safety driving is very important especially when it comes to the mining area. Therefore, PMA Group always aims to raise employees’ awareness of safety driving especially to those who work in mining area. It is implemented in the seminar about Smart & Safety Driving that will be held on Wednesday, 27th May 2015. This Seminar is brought to you by SHE Dept. of PMA Group in cooperation with PT Barito Berlian Motors.

Although the seminar will not be held until 27th of May 2015, but the preparation have been started since April. On 21th of April, PT Barito Berlian Motors paid us a 3S visit (Sales, Services, and Sparepart) in prder to prepare the event.

On 25th of May, it’s the Jakarta ISDC (Indonesia Smart Drive Clinic) team’s turn tovisit us in order to discuss the preparation of this event. The final preparation of this event will be done on D-1 by all of the committee which is on 26th of May.


We hope that this event is not only  increase the awareness of safety driving but also increase the employees’ knowlegde and driving skill as a part of SMK3 and Zero Accident programs. Thus will also increase employees’ performance as well.

Prima Multi Artha 10th Anniversary

Assalamualaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

Welcome to the celebration of our 10th anniversary.

First of all , I would like to say thank you for your support in2014. As all of us know that 2014 was a tough year for the coal mining industry. Many of coal mining companies couldn’t survive 2014 well, but PMA could pass the year well and it was because of the support of our colleagues and clients.

In 2014, we managed to break the selling record of coal which was 2,2 trillion with the total amount of coal reached 4.5 million MT. In summary, it increased 15% compared to the sales rate in 2013.

2015 marks the 10 year journey of our company. As for childern, the age of 10 is the age where they can enjoy playing whole-heartedly with their friends, but it’s not the same forus. The age of 10 is the time to start aiming for the best . Supported by the 1,150 skillful manpowers who own “Go Beyond Expecation” as their main principal, we believe that we can be one of the best national coal mining company in Indonesia.

We realize that 2015 will still be a tough year for coal mining industry, but we also believe that in order to keep on track in this industry, we have to focus on several things. One of them is improving the quality of our coal produced by our own subsidiaries. The second one is improving the efficiency of every sectors, and the third one is improving the quality of our human resources.

The improvement of our manpowers is one of the vital aspects for us this year. Thus marked by the begining of cooperation between PMA Group and UT School in Semarang.We have sent our talented graduates from vocational schools in Java and Borneo Ring 1 to attend the driver training in UT School. After they finish the driver training, they will be given another training to be the operator an mechanic. In 2015, we will also build a Training Center in South Borneo which will be used to train our human resources.

We realize that everything wehave to do in 2015 would not be easy, but if we keep gaining support from our colleagues and clients, we believe that together we can be success in 2015.

Last but not least, if there’s any of our words or actions that was inappropriate during our cooperation in 2014, I, on behalf of PMA Group would like to apologize to all of you as PMA Group’s best colleagues an clients.

Happy New Year 2015

Good Morning!

Just now 2014 has been ended so beautifully by the fireworks show that we could see on almost every national tv stations. The fireworks show was also a remark that we would move on to a new year, leaving 2014 behind.


Project BMB


In December 2014, one of PMA Group's subsidiaries, PT. Batu Anugerah Mineral Resources (PT. BAMR) held the inaugural coal mining of pit BMB Block 2. The production of Over Burden (OB) in this block reached the amount of 29,419.14 BCM which was beyond the actual target : 25,898.00 BCM. In other words, the achievement of project BMB Block 2 in December 2014 was 113.60%. There was still no production of coal in December 2014 since PT. BAMR was stilling focusing on the process of OB Loading.

At the same time, PT. BAMR site BMB also managed to break the record of 5.027 safety man hours without accident which cause the loss of working day.

In January 2015, PT. BAMR also aims for Zero Loss Time Accident.

The Extension of PT AJP's Stockpile Area

Banjarbaru, December 4th 2014

At the end of 2014, PT Andhika Jaya Perkasa (AJP) is expanding the capacity of their stockpile, from 9 hectares to 15 hectares.

Not only the capacity that is expanding. The concept of the stockpile is also evolving to green stockpile. It will come with the facilities for standard coal mining procedure such as TPS (temporary storage), workshop, etc. but also environmentally friendly.

We also enchancing the service by adding some units of dump truck so we can always give the best integrated coal mining service for the clients with PT Prima Multi Artha as the holding company for PMA Group.

2014 PMA Group.