Happy New Year 2015

Good Morning!

Just now 2014 has been ended so beautifully by the fireworks show that we could see on almost every national tv stations. The fireworks show was also a remark that we would move on to a new year, leaving 2014 behind.


2014 was a tough year for Indonesia. A lot of disasters happened. And in the end of 2014 we got one more heart-breaking news due to the loss of Airasia QZ 8051 which caused the loss of its every passengers and cabin crews. Due to the loss, PMA Group sends our deepest condolences and prayers for all of the passengers and cabin crews of Airasia QZ 8501.

However, 2014 was also a great and meaningful year for PMA Group. I am so proud of all PMA Group employees. It is because all of our hardworks, 2014 which was full of  hurdles and challenges could be a year that was also full of achievements for PMA Group.

In the beginning of 2014, one of PMA Group’s subsidiaries, PT Batu Anugrah Mineral Resources (BAMR) which is engaged in coal mining contractor business, managed to earn the trust to operate the coal mining process in PIT AB under the IUP EBL, which was extended to IUP ATS in Pit 2 North Block and also South block. The outcome of this project was a great contribution to PMA Group. It increased the amount of coal supply significantly which resulted to the better punctuality of coal transshipment and better quality of the coal itself.Aside form that, the certainty of coal supply also means the improvement of PMA Group’s infrastructures.

In 2014, PMA Group was also signed an MOU with P.T. Pembangkitan Jawa Bali (PJB) about the development of Mulut Tambang Power Plantthrough P.T. Prima Multi Artha. The power plant is located within the area of IUP P.T. Prima Bara Indonesia in Katingan Region, Central Borneo.

Another achievement is P.T. Prima Multi Artha managed to gain trust form Adani Global which is the biggest importer company in India to handle the coal supply to Adani with the amount of 3.000.000 MT per year. The contract will be last for 3 years.

In 2015, we will do our best to keep all of the achievements we have accomplished in 2014. With the firm foundation we built in 2014, we are sure that we can do better in 2015. There are so many new works and experiences we have to do in 2015 such as; Coal Mining in IUP BMB, coal mining in Pit Balimas IUP EBL, new arrival of 4 sets tug boat and barge, the Investment of Floating Crane in P.T. Atrind Marina Graha, and also the establishment of Mulut Tambang power plant under the IUP PBI.

I believe that the economic condition in 2015 will be more difficult than what we had in 2014, but I also believe that if we have the same vision and mision as a whole big family of PMA Group, and also a strong will to build our beloved company to be bigger and stronger, we can achieve it and be much better in 2015.



Suwanto Sutono

2014 PMA Group.