Project BMB


In December 2014, one of PMA Group's subsidiaries, PT. Batu Anugerah Mineral Resources (PT. BAMR) held the inaugural coal mining of pit BMB Block 2. The production of Over Burden (OB) in this block reached the amount of 29,419.14 BCM which was beyond the actual target : 25,898.00 BCM. In other words, the achievement of project BMB Block 2 in December 2014 was 113.60%. There was still no production of coal in December 2014 since PT. BAMR was stilling focusing on the process of OB Loading.

At the same time, PT. BAMR site BMB also managed to break the record of 5.027 safety man hours without accident which cause the loss of working day.

In January 2015, PT. BAMR also aims for Zero Loss Time Accident.

2014 PMA Group.