Welcoming The new Comers in PMA Group's Dump Truck Armada

Binuang, Kalimantan Selatan, November 27th 2014

PT Andhika Jaya Perkasa

To support the needs of coal transshipment, the stockpile operated by PT Andhika Jaya Perkasa (AJP) is continuously enchancing the service in order to keep up with the timeline of coal transshipment.

Recently, we added 10 units of SCANIA dump truck to support the coal hauling process. These new units are equipped with high security system. A special training and technology transfer of how to operate the truck will also be given for the drivers who will operate it. SCANIA dump trucks are considered as new comers in our dump trucks armada as most of them the HINO and Nissan with the total number of 158 units. Therefore, special training for drivers is needed.

The capacity of this dump truck itself is 40 tons.

The Extent of AJP 2


In 2014, PT. Andika Jaya Perkasa is extending the area of the stockpile from 9ha to 15ha. The extension of the stockpile is for adding the storage capacity in AJP's stockpile, Binuang, South Borneo.

Futsal & Badminton Competition

Banjarbaru, 14-02-2014

To celebrate the 9th anniversary of PMA Group. PMA Group held futsal and badminton competitions. The participants of the competition were the colleagues, vendors, and suppliers who had given their supports to PMA Group in 2013. The rewards of the competition were the PMA Group trophy and the total prize of 50 millions rupiah.

After the final match in February 7th 2014, PT Sucofindo became the first winner of futsal competition, followed by United Tractor (UT) as the runner up. The final match of badminton competition was held in February 8th 2014 where Supriyono - Darwin became the first winner, followed by M. Ikhsan and Rofik Haryanto as the runner up.

The prize for the winners was given by Suwanto Sutono as the president director of PMA Group and Sukamto Rianto as the director of PMA Group on the PMA Group's 9th anniversary celebration in February 14th 2014.

Newly Invested Dump Truck for ATS Project


On 30 June 2014, PT. Anugerah Tujuh Sejati (PT. ATS) and one of the PMA Group's subsidiaries, PT. Batu Anugrah Mineral Resources (PT. BAMR) signed the contract of coal mining project under the IUP of PT. ATS.

The target of this project is 150.000 MT/month. Therefore, in September 2014, PMA Group invested 20 units of Nissan CWB in order to support this project and reach the target expected.

The Purchase Tugboat & Barge

Batam, 09-05-2014

In order to improve coal transshipment service, Prima Multi Artha keep trying to invest to the coal transshipment sector, especially the transportation.

In early 2014, PMA decided to invest by making 2 set of tug boats and barges which were produced by PT Citra Shipyard.

Moreover, in the mid 2014, PMA added 4 set of tug boats and barges which were produced by PT Galangan Mercusuar.


2014 PMA Group.