Through PT Atrind Marina Graha, which established in 2010, Prima Multi Artha Group controls the process of coal transshipment from loading port to the mother vessel vice versa.

By using 7 unit of Tug Boat and Barge with 300 FT in size, PT Atrind Marina Graha running the coal loading and coal discharges process mostly for PMA buyers’ cargo.

We predict that in the next 2 years we will own 14 sets TB/BG in total to support the PMA coal trading business.

The operation area lies on Sungai Putting Kabupaten Tapin, Kintap Kabupaten Tanah Laut and Sungai Danau Kabupaten Tanah Bumbu.

PT PDNAMG committed to give excellence performances by keeping up status updates on every cargo handling process in every 12 hours.  By giving such a commitment, will result high trust and secure feeling for every client served.

2014 PMA Group.